Band and Orchestra

Instruction in a Christian Environment

We offer instruction in band and orchestra in ensemble settings for beginning to advanced students.

Our beginning groups are for those just picking up the instrument, no previous lessons required. We generally start beginners in the fall. After one year of experience, a string student will advance to the junior intermediate orchestra, a band student will advance to the intermediate band. 

Fall 2022 Semester Flyer

  • November 15th, regular rehearsals at Grace Central AND Fall Concert for Beginning Band, Beginning Orchestra, Junior Intermediate Band and Junior Intermediate Orchestra at West Hills Church, 3015 S 82nd Avenue, Omaha, NE 68124 7:30 pm


Advanced Band: Mr. Brown would like to start rehearsal at 4 pm and rehearse until 5:30, due to the concert that evening


The teachers will let your student/s know when to be at West Hills, stage warm up times are below. Students will sit as a group during the concert, at the front in reserved sections.


Schedule for November 15th :

Home room for orchestra- tba

Home room for band- tba

5:30 pm Junior intermediate orch warm up on stage

5:55 pm Jr Int band warm up on stage

6:20 pm Beginning orchestra warm up on stage

6:40 Beginning band warm up on stage

Students may leave for dinner etc but need to be back by 7pm

When not in warm ups, students need to be supervised by parent, older sib, or in their home room with teacher

7:30 pm Concert

  • November 22nd , Fall Concert for Senior Intermediate Band, Senior Intermediate Orchestra, Advanced Band and Advanced Orchestra at West Hills Church, 3015 S 82nd Avenue, Omaha, NE 68124, 7 pm


Tuesday Nov 22 


senior int orchestra warm up


senior int band warm up


advanced band warm up


advanced orchestra warm up




Concert dress:

Beginners and Junior Intermediates: Shirt and tie, slacks for boys. Modest dress, shirt and skirt or slacks for girls

Advanced and Senior Intermediate Men:  black dress pants, black dress shoes and socks, a long sleeve black dress shirt, and purchase a long necktie from OHBO.
Advanced and Senior Intermediate Women:  floor length black dress, short or long sleeved, with a modest neckline, or a floor length black skirt with a long or short sleeved black blouse.

Flyer for Spring of 2019